Global Research i.e. Keeping Abreast of What's Happening in The World Whilst Located in Japan

Capitalising on the industry-leading foreign-based Japanese network, H&S have accomplished many achievements for a great range of research that spans both general consumer goods (e.g. food, home electronics, toiletries, automobiles, etc) and B-to-B technical fields (e.g. energy and air conditioning etc).
Our research results have contributed to improving and developing sales channels in addition to new products which are widely available now.

Trend Research

We provide field research into current local topics on general consumer products such as food, beverages, home electric appliances, automobiles, plus celebrities. This can readily serve as indicators for R&D or preliminary information when tapping into an overseas market.

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Researching Products and Advertising Case Examples

We gather information for competitor’s products, adverts and event case examples. Our feasible format ranges from desk research to field investigation into outdoor adverts and in-store displays etc.

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Home Visits

This is a very effective method to grasp the local living conditions. We undertake home visits in general terms including recruiting and appointment making on-site.

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Quantitative Research

In collaboration with overseas research companies and our business partners, completing the entire process of quantitative research is also possible.


H&S can solve your simple global matters by collecting local’s feedback and products and receiving local shop services etc.


H&S Workflow Consists of 3 Major Steps

01. Discuss & Plan

02. Implement

03. Deliver