Global Research & Media Production

H&S WORLDWIDE : Who We Are & What Our Core Network is Made of

Utilising one of Japan's largest overseas networks of diverse locations and occupations, currently in excess of 528 Japanese agents in 166 countries/404 cities, we provide global research, global contents generation and production, arrangements of filming and visits in Japan, PR consultancy, and translation/interpretation.

Our network consists of active, experienced and professional researchers, coordinators, and translators/interpreters. Well-informed female dominant membership that possesses both Japanese and local perspectives in addition to their local network of contacts. The average number of years of residence is over 10 years.

Why H&S : Our Four Key Strengths

  • 01 An extensive worldwide network which covers the four corners of the world. It originated in 2005 and continues to grow. Research by those with both Japanese and the local’s mindsets has established an excellent reputation.
  • 02 Quick, low costs and high quality work.
    Holding a broad spectrum of overseas freelance agents enables us to select and correspond directly on a project basis, which contributes to a massive reduction of costs and time without affecting the quality of work in progress. The most suitable planning can be offered in view of your desired goals, products, countries/regions etc.
  • 03 A very small organisation comprising the two company representatives means more transparency in business and can establish clear roles and responsibilities for your requests. This is demonstrated through our corporate culture which encourages the open sharing of which overseas agents we nominate and accountability at many levels.
  • 04 The proven track record in businesses with major companies to date.
    Our research values novelty, consumer-oriented, and topical perspectives which have proved useful in determining global strategies for food, home electronics and automobile manufacturers. We conduct not only research but also business meetings and Japanese translations.